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Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

Took some pics of my son, Aidan, today for his senior yearbook.  Played around with different poses and light.  I think there's some good ones in the batch.  This one may be nice with some minor tweaking...Smile


Own Photo: 



Way better looking than my boring senior pic

Very professional photo

Damn he looks like he needs a cape with that outfit

Like a super hero or something

Great photo of your son Charlie - That background lighting and smoke effect must be some of your handy work, regular Rock Star!!!

Just needs a Blue Jays uniform now Smiley-laughing

Very nice photo and good looking kid too.

Well done Charlie. Looks good.

Looks like he means business. Still far better then my senior picture. I looked like Buddy Holly hair and all.

Very professional shot Charlie. I hope that you guys are high and dry from all of the flooding going on in Central Texas right now.

Thanks Top...we're mostly fine in my part of the Texas Hill Country...other places not so good. The rain has been consistent for a while which has the ground totally saturated with moisture. Any significant rain causes flooding almost immediately.
The worst part is not riding due to the weather...I put the battery tender on Hildr's battery last week and I'm gonna drain the carbs tomorrow. She's been sittin' way too long!

Did I hear you say he was going pro?

He definitely wants to play at the next level. Lot's of looks from collage coaches, but no real offers. It's kinda nerve racking right now...

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