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Sept Photo contest

Sept Photo contest

Me n My Ride n My Girls fathers day



Damn - slow off the mark again - that's just what I wanted to say Robin!  Nice to see your smiling face again lucky57; I still recall our man-hug during the Mildura trip with great fondness....chuckle chuckle. Cheers mate.


Poor girls!!!!!!!!!!!!  What did they do to deserve that as punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee Vardy don't tell everyone they will all want hugs

Great photo Dennis! You are a "lucky" man!

Now I understand what for the colour of your bike is red.... take care of them, they worth it. You are very lucky!Laughing


Lucky by name ...lucky by crikies,lucky you are.....

Great family pic !!

Good shot

What an excellent group shot!  Great looking family pic!!  Oh and the bike looks cool too, lol!!!

Wonderful pic!Thanks so much for entering! Thats one great looking family!

Great family shot!

good pic lucky! NIce bike too!

Great shot,,,, wall hanger

Hey Yo! 


CoolGreat Family but where's their  bikes???Surprised

not voteing for you dennis lol

not voting for u either Mark (sling mud sling mud) hope some lands on your bike and makes it all dirty

Nice shot! So that would be you, the thorn amongst the roses??

Nice bike, lovely ladies and Dennis ...... Wink

Good pic!  Nice looking bunch...all girls, huh?  Explains the hair loss! Smiley-laughing

Ride safe


Great pic lucky ! Easyrider clipart

If it were only based on views you would have this in the bag,,,,,, Good quality pic, and would be great for a winner, Mine is not, would be a waste (blurry). I can see this on your wall

Does anyone wear shoes anymore

lucky Im going to find some pretty ladies for my next pic ,works a treat .Laughing

Lucky For sure!!!!!! 

What a great family shot - surrounding dad's prized ruby possession...

This pic is a winner!

AWESOME photo Dennis!!!A KEEPER!

Great pic!!


Congratulations Guys very nice picture.

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