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September Photo Contest

September Photo Contest

This is one of our favourite spots for coffee and pies on a Sunday ride.
It's called Thirlmere which is near Picton. A beautiful spot and sometimes a pit stop on the way down to the southern highlands.


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Looks like you got all the colors represented: White, Red/Gold, Black, Green, Blue. Now you just need a purple rider...

Nice!! Yeah BA... A purple people eater. LOL.

Nice to have people to hook up with.
t's like a male version of the female coffee clutch. LOL

Did you just say you were looking for a hookup Val? Really? ROTFLMAO

Nice lineup Terry!
Sounds like a nice place to have a break or just a snack !
Good on ya ! Smiley-laughing

BA...try to behave, Val doesn't deserve that.

Bloody hell Tezza! Did I actually go for a ride?

Thanks GD

Val I thought the male version was the bar

No that's HAPPY hour and women have girls night: )

And if you're in the right place at the right time you may see a Steam Powered Locomotive Dirol

Correct Matt. An excellent railway museum is on the next corner.

Thanks guys. I know some of you don't get to ride with friends often but it is great if you can. The conversation topics are usually. You guessed it. Bikes and places to ride.

Kel sold his Purple bike...... He wouldn't have come on this ride anyway......

Yeah Steve....he got the Rocket.. for a little while and then the 800 Boulevarde.

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