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Setting Sun

Setting Sun

Took this from my truck on my way home from work. Yes it was a great day to ride. But I had to pick up some parts for work. So I was in the truck. It sucked not riding today



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Beautiful !

Same here! Gorgeous day and I had to be out and about in my truck...

Still way nicer there than here rained all day and cold . Thanks for the sun set

Keep it for a screen saver.

It's always great when you catch a good sunset or sunrise. Here's two I caught while on vacation.

Great pics Drew ... tinged with some sadness. I think all the people who commented at the time are no longer active on the site .

Well I was out for about 5 years. Couldn't get any customer support as my password wouldn't work anymore. Then all of sudden it did and I'm back. But sadly most of my old friends no longer visit the site. Hope they didn't get locked out. But the point I originally made is capture those sunsets. No pictures then they get away.

Here's an idea ... we ask CCers to post their best sunset pics ??

I gather the parts were too big to put on the bike. That is the only reason I use my truck in town anymore is because what I'm getting won't fit in the Rebel's trunk.

Your right Randy. Had a pallet of parts

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