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She's Home

She's Home

She's Home She's Home. Gracie 2 is home. Now I just have to wait for my bags and aux lights to get in :).



Congrats, Valerie

Very happy for you Valerie .... I'm smiling!

May you have many good times together.

Thanks Guys. Now I have to polish her. She has been sitting and there is a lot of oxidization on her. It will give me something to do cause I cant do much else

You will have her looking good in no time

Looking good

A beauty indeed. Nice!!

u putting the aux lights on the crash bars? or what?

How great to have her home Val, congrats! And I see a drivers backrest, I can't remember, but did you also have one on Gracie 1?

Whoo Hoo!

Still waiting for the lights to come in the mail. They will go on the crash bar.
Yes Gert it was on the first bike I just pulled it over
I have at least another month before I can ride so I can take my time with it

That's one pretty girl....well done!

Thanks dub

Just ride safe Val. Watch out for road hazards.

Drew, we just need to stay out of Wyoming since they don't mark their hazards.
What saddlebags are you going to go with Valerie, The same ones but with grade A bolts?

The same ones as I really like them but I will be using grade A bolts instead of what comes with them

You'll have her looking good in no time Val. I'm very happy for you, now you just have to finish healing up girl.

Triumphin I can't believe you made Val ride point. I suppose you were spared the wreckage.

Drew in Randy's defense nobody makes me do anything just saying

Val, were you the only one that took damage and got hurt?

Yes at that time and I was out alone. I just felt like I needed some me time. It was not one of my better ideas Smiley-laughing

The drawbacks of riding Lone Wolf, but has other advantages. As all things in life, there is always a pro / con, good and bad, ying for yang.

Well your still breathing and got a new bike out of it. You'll heal, and hopefully you have some good memories from the trip.

Fantastic Val. Hope she is just as good as the original.

" It was not one of my better ideas " Smiley-laughing :)

I told her to take someone with. But what did I now.. Two is way better than one when your way out in WY.

Hind sight. Water/bridge. Moving on..... I gotta do something about this stubborn streak

NO!! You should listen to your elders that's all

Yes, Grandpa. LOL

Yes Sir.......

Val you come up to my area for a ride next spring after your ribs are healed. My wife and your hubby will just have to get over themselves. I am a lone wolf so we should get along well. I mean, I wasn't even invited to the Wyoming thing, so I will show you the west coast, if you will. Just don't show up with out your friends patch. And I will take point. Your not so good at that.

LOL You noticed that Drew. LOL
I would love to make it out your way but I don't think it will be next year. I have some financial catching up to do after my fobar.
I would be happy to ride with you though
Your wife would be all alone. My hubby died in 1996 and apparently I'm such a problem child I haven't found anyone else.
And your patch is securely on my vest so where I go it goes Smiley-laughing
Oh and the Wyoming thing was open to one and all but if you feel you need an individual invite to things I hereby invite you to come ride the Arkansas ride next spring. We are still fine tuning it but we will post when we get it together and all are invited to come ride and see if I can total another bike

VALERIE, you are NOT going to total another bike. No one will be letting you ride by yourself once there.

So glad you're gonna be OK and I'm sure Gracie 2 will be as trustworthy as Gracie 1 was. Plus in one month, maybe it will cool down a bit for some great riding weather! (Or it will still be hot as Hell through September like it always is here in Texas...!)

So true Charlie. Ya just dont know about the heat down here

Congrats Val. That is great news. I'm so happy for you.

Thanks Terry Me too. Smiley-laughing

i love that garage,ha
you need some more shielfs
on the wall,you have a lotta stuff like me

So true. Never have enough shelves

That IS a great colour combo Val.

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