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Show N Shine - Bluesey

This is my V Star 650 Classic that I call Bluesey. I have had her for around 9 months now and since I got her I have added a few (lots of) accessories. Some include Fender bib and carrier, tank bib, 4 " risers, Iso Grips, bullet ends and throttle boss, light visors and bat ornaments, fender chrome accents and triceptor, swing arm chrome, windshield and brackets, saddle bags and easy brackets,  riders backrest, freeway bars, clock and a few other little chome dressups. Im sure there are some more bits of chrome around I can put on her in the future.



Hey AnnieO are they cruisers exhaust pipes you've fitted , if so are they very loud . That's one awesome looking 650 excellent shots too .

Missed opportunity Annie , a mirror shot !

Looking very blue!

Hi Nobby, they're V&H cruiser pipes, and I love the deep, throaty sound of them Smiley-laughing
Didn't even think of a mirror shot......seems to be the favour of the month though!
Definitely Blue Norman!!

My mate from Sydney may join us if he can get time off work (he is stressing out from too much work and needs a break) If he does, he will ride my V Star 650 Custom over so you may get the chance to compare, though not as blingy as yours.

What a looker Annie!
By the looks of it you cant customise much more, one of the niced looking V stars in mine opinion!
Have fun and B safe on you're bluesey!

Thanks Gipsy,
About the only thing I would still like to change is the number plate holder, and maybe the tail light and rear indicators. Beachy is just changing his on the 1100, so I'll see what his look like before deciding.
And then maybe some hard bags, .....and....and..... Biggrin

After seeing your bike in the vid thought I see if you had pics in your profile. Great bike and I like the bat visor...

Thanks Charlie !
i like the bats too - gives Blusey a bit of a unique touch !

(no one else wants to embarrass themselves by putting bats on their bike!! lol) Smiley-laughing

Annie, that's not true. I've accused of being a bit batty so my bike effectively has a dam bit "bat" on it every-time I go for a ride. Smiley-laughing

Lol Norman!!
We have something in common then! Biggrin

2, things in common. We both own 650's

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