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sites around Old Faithful in Yellowstone


The colors were fascinating

Waiting, waiting, waiting ... did anything happen ?

Nope. It just sat there and boiled. LOL
What I find amazing is that this water is boiling and the sulfur fumes are nasty, yet just a short way from this thing there is a flower growing

I missed this view. Good looking view

It was on the board walk around old faithful

That's why I missed it. I had to walk, lol

Yes some were NOT into walking.

Cool shot.

Randy to some your idea of a walk is a long distance hike. LOL

Sorry to say Valerie ... but I have seen Old Faithful blow his top!

Ok help me out here, what are we looking at with the white mountain there? is that rock or?

it's rock with mineral deposits on it from the hot springs

Very nice picture with the colours .
What makes the colour wander.

it is the various minerals from the hot springs

Ok ! Pretty cool ! Smiley-laughing

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