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Skeep, here are your Dutch friends, Jan and Annie Visser

Skeep, here are your Dutch friends, Jan and Annie Visser

Skeep, as you can see.... I promised you to give your greetings, so I did....

I Bought a bunch of flowers and tried if they were at home this afternoon because I had only a short visit to make at the hospital today. It happened to be just a week after their 55 year anniversary and they were really surprised to get flowers send as a greeting from their American friend as they know you since the summer of 1985 meeting eachother for the first time in France. We had a chat and a cup of coffee together although I never met these two lovely people ever before. 

(I had to thank you for the beautiful flowers! LOL)


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That's nice.:)

Just now seeing this, what a wonderful surprise Gert. Thank you so much for your gracious gift to Jan and Annie. I am sure he told you all about meeting on a Vosges hillside camping area in 1985. We have been friends ever since. Seeing this is a truly fond memory and your investment of time and flowers in these two is remarkably caring! I cannot express my gratitude enough! Thanks Gert!

No thanks needed Skeep. It was my pleasure. Yes, they told me you were neighbors at a camping place and you had big laughs together, specially when she want to take the car and forgot the handbrake and drove in a ditch!

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