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A slight change in plans

A slight change in plans

We had planned to head from Canberra to Lakes Entrance today but only got as far as Cann River when we got a few spots of rain. As we filled up the heavens opened and down it came. I guess we are staying in Cann River tonight. The sad thing is it looks like this rain is here for a few days now so tomorrow will be a damp ride. We are about the red triangle in the bottom right of the mainland map



Over near Perth? Were you following Dennis?
That sucks Annie. fingers crossed the wind well blow it away for you both over night.

We made good time to Perth didn't we Kel!! Lol
Actually Beachy put up the post.....I just changed it to bottom 'right' !
( normally I'm the one with the shocking sense of direction!!) Biggrin

Annie, no good with the rain, hope it's not too bad, just take you time and follow that fella with the trailer or is that a tractor...

Rode the putty road with Lowie, Deebs and Graham, what a fantastic stretch of road that is, a must do for everyone, I even said to Lowie let's turn around and do it again. He laughed and said done that before..

I've bunked down for 2 nights with friends at Hawks Nest, will leave tomorrow and head back up the Oxley Hwy to Walcha.

Ride safe.

Cheers Spratty

Glad you had a great ride back Spratty!
Hadn't heard of the 'putty road' before this weekend, sounds like you had a fantastic ride! Hopefully Adrian and I can ride it one day (maybe when we come up to visit! ) Smiley-laughing
It was great to meet you this weekend, and already looking forward to when we have the opportunity to catch up again!!

Not home yet Annie, will be taking the long way home, and your always welcome for a visit.

Spratty Can I recommend You get onto to Bucketts way to get to Walcha. After you leave there Armidale to Ebor, Grafton, Casino, Kyogle, Uki, Bray park. Then go though Numinbar Valley On nerang murwilliumbar rd And come into the back of the Gold coast. I now you told me you did a big zig zag coming down & may have done these roads. These roads were recommended to us & we did it and loved it. Some parts were a bit rough On the hole a fun ride & beautiful country

Take care everyone.

Kel your right they are great roads and the scenery is spectacular I'm thinking of going up the as I did it going down. Numinbah valley is one of my favorite rides. Bucketts way I found a bit rough.

Every one sounds on track all enjoy and arrive home safely.
Havent heard from Lucky or Lethal at all no doubt we will.

Annie/Adrian .... sorry to hear the weather has turned on you. Quite an epic road trip for Annie's first long ride!! Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Yes that valley was the highlight for us. We went up though beaudesert & came back down though the valley. Beautiful part of the world.

Ride safe guys and happy travels. Hoping for a turn in the weather for you.

Hope it clears up for you guys!
On Friday, the prognosis for Katoomba weather was crap all weekend, and we all know how that ended.... Awesome!
Safe travels guys!

Hope it turns out better for you and take care everyone.

Riding in the rain is nothing new for us but this was more than rain. It was quite heavy for a while and the weather warning for the east gippsland and was severe thunderstorms which we had. It is still training now but only lightly so we will be heading out around 9 am hopefully with our French mate that we picked up along the way.

Safe ride home everyone, enjoy the moment.

Safe journey for you both and I do hope that the weather turns for the better

Safe journeys guys.

Not good Annie. You are welcome to come via my place to dry off and rest if you need.

Better weather today...cold and drizzly in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon. Have just arrived in Mornington (after hoping to stay at Hastings, but the only motel was full) !
Looking forward to a hot shower and dinner Smiley-laughing

Thanks for the kind offer Norman! Smiley-laughing

Just arrived at Tentefield after a 590 km ride having a few quiet beers and a pie and mushy peas, will head home tomorrow via casino kyogle & Murwilliumbah, the weather has been kind to me actually it was bloody beautiful, tunes playing through the headset and just cruising it just dosen't get any better...I'm loving it..

Those mushy peas will give you a boost Spratty. Smiley-wink

Speaking from experience ay Tezza, it's pretty damn good, hungry as a hunter..

Annie, i'm only 50 min from Hastings if you need to come by. We have a spare tent I can throw up for you Smiley-laughing

Spratty, Tenterfield is my wife's home town. If you go out Banambra Road (dirt road) you will see our farm.

You mean I could've got a free nights accommodation!! dirt roads and cruisers not a good mix, but did a few road works today, now the bike is real dirty including my boots and jeans.

Take care on the roads

You'll survive Spratty , you have been bitten by the bike bug and there is no way back , you have entered into the cycle zone .

You love it spraty Safe journey mate

Lowie that Putty road ride was awesome and I was serious about going back down and doing it again...just don't do it on the weekend though, weekdays only, and thanks Lowie for leading the way you certainly have a very cool riding style, stay safe mate.

Your right I'm well and truly addicted to bikes now this trip has just confirmed what I was already feeling, today riding along I had the tunes playing through the Bluetooth headset and I was in seventh heaven I just thought it dosen't get any better than this, what a great days ride..

It certainly gets under your skin Mate I have been suffering it for longer than I care to think about and it just gets worse ,I cant go 2 days without riding or I just cant function , even when I had Ross River fever I still had to ride bed rest be stuffed , Ride safe , Lowie .

... and Spratty all you need now is MBS and the disease will be complete.

I can only hope for that Vardy, maybe one day.

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