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In a small harbor around the corner from Marek

In a small harbor around the corner from Marek



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A distant relative ?


Bully Bully Randy. Having fun I hope.

Can hardly stand it. A much needed vacation again for all the years that never did ones like this

Good you're having a great time. Something you will never forget and always cherish. Plus you got two really good friends now, how much better can it get. .

Randy is having a blast. Enjoy your great adventures.

Good on you Randy.

Wayne it was/is like you and I , knew you on the site and just like old friends when you get to meet in person, same here just a bit slower with language since a lot of translating going on

Don't speak that bloody fast Randy and we can understand.... at least most of it!!! LOL

Will never forget this evening, as I saw you rolling on the bench and crying for help because you couldn't stop laughing! (But as we always say: "What happens in Sweden, stay's in Sweden! Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing )

YEA but do you really want RANDY to stay. What!!!!! time is up already You guys must have had way too much fun.

Will have to be a return trip but a little further south like California (hHolland)

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