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This is Snoopy (adopted Greyhound) who is part of our 'blended family' of five dogs! No, she's not dead, she always sleeps in that position ! Lol




Is this what they mean by "Dog Tired"?

Whatever makes you comfy.

Guess I'll have to take a picture of my male wiener dog "dying for attention" He rolls over on his back, all 4 feet in the air, and if you ignore him for a bit, he then lets his tongue fall out. He does look dead then, but his tail may move just ever so slightly.

Randy, Snoopy sleep in her basket in the bedroom. When she hears us stir in the morning, she jumps onto the bed for a cuddle, and rolls onto her back with her legs going everywhere - she takes up most of the bed!

LOL Too cute

Does she ride the moto like that ?

No but she knows the sound of my bike too well now

Beautiful. We've been thinking about adopting a Greyhound for a while. Have heard they are great dogs.

They are mate. Snoopy is a pure darling. When I get home from work she sticks to me like glue and loves her pats and attention.

They are a fantastic dog! I have a fair bit to do with the Greyhound Adoption Program through my work. Greyhounds tend to be a very misunderstood breed. They have one of the best temperaments, are a very low maintenance dog, need little exercise, are very affectionate and love being a couch potato!

you have just described me! Biggrin

You and Snoopy do have a lot in common! Smiley-wink

There are few things that I can say right now but I think I have to refrain

She is adorable. We have always been into "rescuing" dogs. Our current Border Terrier crossed with whatever is from the pound. Have spent a fortune on various issues, but a dog is for life and you do whatever it takes to make them healthy and happy.

Couldnt agree more. Mine have cost me a small fortunre over the years. Probably another bike I think if I added it all up.

Dogs are so funny with the way they nap! What a cool dog...Hello Snoopy!

I too can see so many similarities Adrian but I for once will refrain also. See I can Vardy

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