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Coz’s view getting off 5he train going to work yesterday. Blackheath NSW.  Snowing again today.


Own Photo: 


Lovely scene ... where’s Santa Claus and his reindeer?

You know he comes in December.....

Ohhh yeah!

I've been to Blackheath when snowing. Beautiful.

Road was covered in tourists today.

That'll keep the bugs down.

We drove up Bells line road, hardly a car in sight. On the way back down the Great Western Highway, bumper to bumper all the way down, going up, thankfully.

Its a winter wonder land ! Nobody can drive in the snow around here.

Steve I dislike driving up there at the weekends. After mid day it’s madness.

That looks like less than an inch. How tough can it be ? Just go do some donuts they will be easy now just hit the gas turn the wheel and go for a little ride..

That is as good it gets in our parts

I'm telling ya, One inch of snow can bring where I live to a craw.

One inch of snow is a mild winter's day up here

Growing up in South Dakota, one inch of snow could close everything down or not, just depended on how hard the wind was blowing. Most of the time it would take 6 inches or more to make things a bit hairy. Always depended on the wind conditions.

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