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Snow in SA

Snow in SA

I realize that to most of you this is no big thing but when you live in San Antonio this is a big thing



17 dump trucks (my self included) hauled snow for 3 days from our little towns downtown streets last week. Turned out to be 1 load every 60 seconds for 36 hours of hauling.
I'll trade you locations?

Yes Todd, bikers should not live in snow climates. Valerie's bit of snow will be short lived. A few hours, a day or two at most.

And last night you was complaining about rain, lol. That white stuff sucks beats whats happening on the west coast of California right now........I'll take any weather over fire

Wasn't me Val!!

I know it was you guys up in Canada. Ya'll got together and with one mighty blow sent me snow for Christmas

Do the Scandinavian thing and jump in the hot tub while it’s snowing .... lol!!

Done that enough when I lived in the UP

Gosh Val, that is a big thing down there at the Alamo. Break out the hot chocolate. Smiley-laughing

With marshmallows Smiley-laughing

and Peppermint Schnapps

Just a little dusting by this time last year we had 24 in of the white stuff. Get your sleds out Val

I used to miss the snow but now after having this little bit of wet sloppy mess on the roads I don't so much.

We've not had any snow and hope we don't. I don't miss it either Valerie

I'll give you some Allen. lol.

Bill don't do me any favors like that

If we never got snow here again it would be too soon. I am no fan of the white fluffy stuff.

I'm with you Wayne

Come on Bill....chant with me buddy...
" wholee mosalinnie, wholee mosalinnie, grant heavy snow to all those who wish none. Grant our fellow friends with a blanket of white cold goodness like you have granted us (bill and I)
May your snow Gods be plentiful in the bounty, wholee mosalinnie, wholee mosalinnie."
Bill and I wish you all a white blessing of goodness to all........LOL
PS. Reading this chant will bonus you double the regular chant request.....Hahahaha

Voodoo works!! HA HA HA HAAAAAaaaaaa....

Val, I thought you all used solar powered snow removal.

WTF!!! White powder around your house?

WHITE POWDER? Shit Bill, we used the snow chant......opps

I know Gert it was so strange
Todd you guys need to chant louder next time Smiley-laughing

When was the last time you saw snow in real Val?

According to the pic just a couple of days ago. Yes I know Gert, you think this small amount is just the fake stuff thrown around to make it look like Xmas.

2 yrs ago in the Rockies when I went up Pikes Peak the last time. Before that in 2001 when I went home for xmas

No Randy, I thought that amount is just one noose full! LOL

So it’s realy unusual Val... here is about 15 cm at the moment. Also unusual, sure for this early moment in winter....

And our local ski resort at 6700 feet does not have enough snow yet to open up.

Here we are in the midst of a Chinook, warm weather. Still lots of snow on the ground and in piles, but also lots of ICE!!

... and meanwhile in the Australian Capital Territory, I just returned from a ride dripping in perspiration ... 27°C (about 80°+ F)

I asked Santa for heated gear. Wait until Santa sees what it cost !

At least you won't need the Wasp killer Val.

27 C, 80 F is perfect to ride in.. Just wait it will be a little hotter here this summer.
Val now you can get a snow blower. You can be the first on your block. Have a great Christmas EVERY ONE..

LOL I actually brought mine when I moved down here. I wound up taking it to the dump years ago

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