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So anyone demo one of these yet

So anyone demo one of these yet

this is the replacement for the Yamaha Royal Star venture. I was wondering if any one has taken one out for a Demo ride yet. the only flawI can see in the new design is switchingto the V-twin rather than staying with the V4 motor. the price on here rivals harley wich i think is going over board a bit.




Tumbling J posted a demo video. Which was real interesting. I have not test rode one and probably won't. Just because I recently bought the Goldwing

No and maybe we won't see it here in Oz, but it does look nice though

yea I read the specs on the bike. I'm wondering why they didn't keep the V-4 it was a better motor than the V-twin all they needed to do was pull the carb and ad injection. and upgrade the block a bit for more hours power.

thanks but I've already read 3 others just like that one. its a nice bike but clearly not worth any were near what yamaha is asking.

I have not but will. I Have two Stratoliners if it runs like these I'm in. The Stratoliner deluxe has most all the stuff this new Venture has. Just like the looks too.

I'll ride it as soon as it's available. According to Yamaha it won't be available for a while, they debuted it at Americade in lake George NY just this past Monday the dealers weren't even in the know as to the details until then. My buddy is a pro Yamaha dealer and he said I knew as much as he did at the time that Yamaha was releasing teaser pics. The ones in the videos were R&D prototypes

Scruffy, you may need to sell one so you have space in the garage!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea the bike looks nice and I'm looking for the review on you tube. but i think it's way over priced and they should have stuck with the V-4 it was a much better motor and much smoother than the V-twin.

V twin...V 4.... I liked the V4 Royal Star but the weight of this one bothers me. 440kilos? I'm gonna need to go to the gym but first I have to find one I'm not banned from. Seems my daily visit was wrong. Who knew I couldn't just spectate in ladies hour?
This bike seems to be taking over the Internet as it's been mentioned on every bike related forum Ive looked at in the past few days

lmao Yea this new yamaha sound like they're trying to take the control of the V-twin market away from Harley Davidson. or at least give them a run for their money I know I can go buy a Harley trike or an ultra glide for what they're asking for the new Yamaha. the body work on this new yamaha looks like the called viking and ordered the cheapest bags they could get. and the fairing from the intakes up looks like a cheap copy from the honda reject pile. there are so many thing about this new bike that I don't like. tat when I got the notice from Yamaha to check it out on there site. I replied to the message. unfortunately the email address was one of those bounce back addressed that companies use when they really don't want to hear from you. So I looked up the corporate phone number called that got put on hold 15 times before I finally got through to someone only to find out I'd been switch to there music division and the guy at the other end only spoke Japanese....lmao

yea that's because of what I like to call Yamahype.
yamaha promised us something really great in a new touring bike. unfortunately I think they failed hard.
the new venture looks more like the old venture with a lot of new tech update. the killed the best motor they ever built for a touring bike and stepped backwards to the V-twin. as if that isn't bad enough the new one only gets 34 miles to the gallon hell the old V-4 was getting 42 per gallon. they also added 150 lbs. to the new one. ripped out the shaft drive and replaced it with a belt. ordered the bags from viking and stole a falling out of the honda reject pile. ripped the up and down switch for the windshield off the suzuki burgman.All in all one thing this new yamaha doesn't do for me is peak my interest enough to run out and spend $25,000.00 for it. it a cheap copy of a bunch of different bikes Yamaha has be an innovator with these ventures and always set them out away from the rest of the pack.this time all they have done is the same thing everyone else in the metric world is doing. standing around screaming I wanta be just like harley. I'm just glad there are old better bike around that crap like this.

Phil I'll just buy another 14X20 shed. That would give me three Tractors. Still looking at a 06 Goldwing.

This new Venture looks like a updated Stratoliner. Yamaha's hype is no different than any of the others. It is all bigger ,better newer but in the end all the same thing. I'm one of those guys that really does not care about Gas milage. I do agree on the $ 25.000 price tag. I am riding a big toy and toys are for fun. I can always drive to any gas station and fill up.

it doesn't impress me at all you strip of all the bells and whistles for the techies. and all you have is another glorified arely watanabe. it really is disappointing. to see yamaha back sliding like this.

But what is a guy going to do ? They aren't the only manufacture that is doing this. The only thing the consumer can do is don't buy that product. If enough don't, then maybe something may change. I doubt it cause in the end it's about the $$$. I think they just merged all the parts to get this out and on the sales floor. Rather than making something new or innovative.

Scruffy, I'm enjoying my '03 1800 Oldwing. The boss likes the pillion backrest. Seems to ease the crook back. I still prefer my Valk but the 1800 tows the camper nicely.

Al don't know about towing. But really like our Goldwing

Allen, the 1500 Valk has no trouble towing the camper 2 up but the 1800 with the fuel injection and the radio/cd player....the air con...the cruise control....ooops....just kidding about air con. lol. It does it a little easier. Our small cargo trailer which we use for the modelling trips doesn't make even a small dent in the 1800's performance.

Is that a popup behind your bike something you built or bought Al?

Scruffy all we can see is your generator and the tail end of a trailer on the tail end of another trailer.
that generator looks kind big for camping so I'm wondering do you tow the generator in separately or side it up on the trailer with the other trailer...lamo!

I had to make room for parking we had a party hera couple week ago. 100 folks showed up. The gen/welder is when I worked welding on anything and everything no matter where it was.

Yeah, it's a foldout camper. Bought it. have a look here.

yea I have 'elite in my bookmarks they are one of many I have looked at and considered. I found them just before I found this one.
problem with the one in the link is I don't think a 1300 cc bike would be able to pull it and if it cold I may not be able to stop...lmao!

yea saw the actual photos with it opened up. the one I want to build is very similar to yours. only were yours the top fold out I will have more of a tri-fold. there would be the raised side like yours with room for coolers and a small tail gate gen. that the new one harbor freight is selling. then the top would fold out like yours just under that another panel would also fold out on the opposite side. under that would be a the mid section with a hinged door giving full access to everything in the storage area. I like your fold out leg design but I would set them up to be adjustable by making them telescoping. because you want things a level as you can make them.with the two fold out panels I would have a 12x8 foot floor to work with for whatever size tent I wanted to put on the deck.

Sounds great. I'm looking forward to progress pics.

procress photos might be a problem my camera equipment was stolen a couple of weeks ago.

Hate to hear that

yup it sucks but I know who took it and since the police refused to take action they have been informed they will never get another call from me again. to which they said taking the law into my own hands was wrong and against the law. to which I replied someone had to do it you have no intentions of doing it. and then I handed him a napkin and told him he might want to wipe the boston cream filling from the corner of his mouth before putting his foot back in.

Awesome. They forget they work for us

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