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So Here's Your Sign

So Here's Your Sign

I don't know if you can see, but this is an on ramp to the left. The lane ends just a short way up. If you follow the sign you run into a wall.
I truely wish they would teach the highway workers the difference between right and left Smiley-laughing


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They had one job to do...... LOL.

SOPT, SPOT, TOPS. Will they ever get it right?

LMAO !!!!
Must be a guy with Very Thick glasses who chose that sign to be painted on the road ! Smiley-laughing
At least it urges you to think yourself and just not follow what you are told ! Smiley-laughing

That would be a sudden stop

Just right of the arrow I think some one tried it.

funny. Too bad a couldn't get a pic of the sign I saw today. It was a "Return shopping carts here". Nothing really funny about it except where I saw it. It was on the back of a shopping cart that had the wheels removed and was mounted on top of car's roof racks.. The car was purple and just a little beat up.

That's priceless. Idiots with taxpayer money? Or towing company who does collision repair?

GO left RIGHT NOW!! Maybe that was what he was thinking.. Think for themselves, how is that going to work, most can't see the stop sign

I'm just wondering, what was there first? The wall or the sign... Please don't tell me they worked together at the same time?! LOL

Like Bill said, If they only had one job to do.

That's the wrong type of arrow to use anyway. That's a turn arrow not a lane drop arrow!!

Well that' Texas for you LOL

That's a bloody hoot.

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