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Some of my local Tilted Kilt Girls


Ah wee Bonnie's very nice.

Some nice bikes there.....

There seems to be something in the way Al. I can't see the bikes very well

Ummm, all the same bike Al.....

Yowsers, that's a nice looking bike!

I didn't see any bikes in the pictures...

What bikes????

The ones with the twin headlights of course.

I'm Scottish and I love the pics! Strictly for the tartans of course!


Those are funny. Yet the girls at the Tilted Kilt near here, are much younger than even they are! And the clientele are all men over 50....makes you wonder?

where the hell is that place!

Very nice

Very nice, and the bike too.


lol thanks guys. All the pictures are on my Raider.

bunch of cutie pies,ha
nuttin better!

Did'nt Know Kilt's could look so good LOL

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