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Some People Really Make Me Wonder

Some People Really Make Me Wonder

Ok, So I'm out for a little ride when I stop for a bottle of water. I have on my leathers, boots and my helmet is hanging on my arm. The young lady behind the counter looks at me and says "Do you ride a motorcycle?" I replied "No I just thought I would make a fashion statement"



Oh! You've got some of them over there as well !! LOL

Here's your sign, lol

Bill Engvall,,
Gotta watch these, it'll explain everything. Or not.

I know where your coming from Val. At work because I do security work in a corporate building I'll have people coming to me and asking what B stands for on the lift call button. It's good I have patient's. NOT. or I'll get a contractor asking me what is the top floor, only 13 floor building and 13 is the last number. So we have those people too Val. We call them DUMB SHIT'S. LOL.

That was a certified 'Hears you sign" moment. I my line of work there everywhere.

I go into a Big defense customer. Its poring down rain 34F and the wind is blowing like hell. I put what hair I have back on top of my head and introduce my self and who I'm here to see. He asks me if I'm coming inside to fix the machine.
No sir, There going to carry it down the steps and I'll fix it in the parking lot !!

So in other words, when they say man is created equal, they are only talking physical form in general, not in the brains department.

Mental inertia or to dumb to die?

As my Father would say, Before they were born the angles offered them brains and they thought they said trains and said no thanks.

You can only hope the dumb one get killed before they can breed.

It's here too,you just can't fix STUPID. They seem to be everywhere now. I walked into the local NAPA. Counter asked "Why are you here". I replied "Just to watch you work" and left. I just don't get it does anyone else?

LMAO !!!


So, What ever happened to "Welcome, How can I serve you". It go out of style?

I have not heard that for a while. Not any where around here. It's what are you looking for? ro DID you find what you were looking for? I just don't get it or maybe I'm just too old and remember when you got good service and help at any store

Me too

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