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Something Strange

Something Strange

Purchased a new front tyre recently. Same brand as the rear that I replaced last year.
Taken the front wheel off as per previous post.
Put them beside each other and noticed that the new one is wider. Both are 130/90 -16.



Own Photo: 



That’s strange isn’t it?

Sure is.

So Tezza which one of those tyres actually measures 130mm across?

The original on the rim. The other is 150. Maybe it will shrink when I put it on.

Odd, isn't it !.

I thought so. When I did the rear one, they looked the same.

Strange. Maybe they made a slight design change.

The second pic shows the says “BIG”.....

I would question were you got this from. It just doesn't seem right.

I'll take it to the bike shop and see what they say.

It’ll be interesting to see their answer.

I'll let you guys know.

Weird to say the least. They now want to copy the clothing industry. sames size in shoes doesn't necessarily guarantee fit. Some of my shoes are size 10 US, others are 10.5

Well guys, I put it in the bike shop this morning and the mechanic said it should be ok.
I picked it up this afternoon and it looked similar to original.
I did some more work on my bike and decided to get the wheel out of the car and put it away till I clean it. You would think that a bike repair shop would be competent but I thought, double check the tyre rotation.
They put the bloody tyre on the wrong way. Smiley-cry
I will drop in in on the way to work tomorrow.

OMG!!! Glad you could manage to do your brakes by yourself Terry! There isn’t a mechanic named Ap all over the world and I’m still glad he lives here just around the corner!

More common than you might think Terry ... has happened to me and two of of my riding buddies. It’s now the first thing I check after I’ve had new tyres put on. It’s more common when the tyre fitter doesn’t have to instal the wheel on the bike ... doesn’t know for sure which side the drive sprocket is on and which direction the directional arrow arrow should be pointing. How hard can it be !!!

Peter, he should have taken notice of the tyre rotation on the wheel before he replaced it.Common sense prevails.

Sadly, common sense is a very uncommon attribute these days Terry !

You take the rim and tire back. And say, If you only had ONE job to doo!

All good. I pulled up this morning as he was opening shop. He remembered me and said "I've put the tyre on the wrong way, haven't I ?" I laughed and said yes. He commented that he's done it a few times and with odds like 50/50 he still has a problem getting it right. I said "You'ld be hopeless playing two up" and he agreed.
Picked it up this afternoon and ...... checked for rotation. He said that he double checked it.
On the rim, the tyre width went from 150 wide to 135.

Great news Tezza, what brand of tyre looks like Shinko?

They are Dub. Reasonable price white walls. I put one on the rear for last years WH's.

I think they are great tyres, I had them on the Shadow you may recall. Shinko bought out the MC tech and moulds from Yokohama so have a good basis for there tyres.

I need a new front tyre for my Scout and was thinking of Shinkos. If you're happy then I'll give them a go.

Shinko is what we have on Betsy's V Star. So for so good.

I know a guy with a Victory Vision that has run them for years. He rides hard. He's been very happy with them.

That's interesting Al, I was really happy with the Shinkos on a relatively light Shadow of 230-250 kg, which would be similar to Betsy's 650, so was not sure how they performed on the heavier full size 350 kg cruisers. But there you go.

Nice info guys.

Finished the bike service etc. and took it for a run with Raymond this afternoon. I wanted to run the new tyre in.
Verdict....... from 90kph to 110kph there was a vibration in the front. I noticed when cleaning the front wheel that there were two weights on the spokes and they were in the exact same spot from new. If the guy was capable of putting the tyre on the wrong way then he probably didn't check the balance.
I'm not going back there again.

yep, If you only had one job to do...

Sounds like a winning place Tezza. NOT!!

Yes there shops to trust and others not so

I’d trust this one more than the local stealer. Have been going here almost 30 years. Yep, had the occasional hiccup but always rectified without issue. Given that for the majority of that time I was getting work done on 6 bikes, I think they’re doing ok in the law of averages. The local stealer will refer you to them if you have anything over 10 years old as they won’t touch it. Half the service guys wouldn’t have a clue about the 6 carbs on the Valk.

I decided not to go back about the balance. I went to MCA instead and they balanced it for free. Took it for a run this arvo and no vibration.
Now I'm happy.

Some people don't get that the byer will vote with there feet. In this case wheels.

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