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Sonny Barger's Vision


I do like the looks of those bikes! I gotta test one soon........after my 'Liner is paid for......:)

san ramon!!

Very nice!


That is one great looking bike

Sweet lines on that bike.

Very nice.

The man!

Belle moto

What a sweet looking ride! All I can say is, WOWCool

bad ass!!!!!

Nice bike!!

HOLLY SH>>>>>T Bad To The Bone give me some specs on this ride please!

Extreme cool!

nice bike

Is that Realy Sonny,s bike ???????

yup, he is a personal friend of Arlen Ness you sold him the bike and customized it too. Apparently, Sonny loves the bike and rides the heck out of it.

Superb !!!

Always thought of him as a Harley man, Just goes to show

I guess even hard core riders can change Smiley-wink

Barger was one of the Hells Angels present at The Rolling Stones' Altamont Free Concert in 1969.

I was there to.. My very first day in California. Close enough to see, far enough away to not know the details....

One of the Hells Angels quoted from that Concert=If some one try's to get an Angel, there gunna get got

cool bike yall may you alll have great rides on it

Sonny riding a Victory!?... I never though I'd see that happen....
Good one.... Love him or loathe him.. the man is a legend.

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