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looking for a sign - Photo Contest

looking for a sign - Photo Contest

This is one of the old fashioned road signs to tell you the right way as they are used for many, many years in Holland. At some locations they are still there, nowadays mostly used to guide padllebikes... We call it a paddestoel (a Mushroom in English).

I got a very, very special request from my good old friend Bill Boucher a few days ago. That's the reason I saw this sign, mentioning the Canadian Cemetary in Holten. I'm busy with a vid what wil show you about this special request... I hope I can show you the vid tommorow.


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they could be missed in a vehicle pretty easily.

That's right Bill... It's written very little. It's fun to see because those kind of things are placed at crossings. Sometimes a car has to stop at the middle of a crossing to see what direction to take!

Well that's one way to keep traffic slow. If they cant read the signs at normal speed
Cant wait to see your upcoming vid

It would definitely slow me down. I can't read Dutch or Canadian. Lol. Nice photo Gert

I think it is a sign saying Canadian geese this way

I almost missed the picture

OK for a walking path. I think it would be missed driving.

you better be walking not riding to see something that small

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