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Spider About to Have A Bad Day

Spider About to Have A Bad Day

Even a bug can make a bad choice. If your worried this was the end for the spider it was not.
It took off running on the first puff.
I think it said "Bikers, there goes the Neighborhood ".


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poor little guy just wanted a ride.

Spidey bike. LOL.

Do spiders have ears? It would be deaf now. Smiley-wink

Too funny !!

It was just trying to keep the bugs out of your bike.

A minute or too and he would’ve been dead.

There quick little buggers. It couldn't have been 12 hours since the bike stopped last. Any ants or other crawly things thought it was going to take up residence in the exhaust pipe would think it was the end of the world at the press of a button.

And it goes for the same in trying to sleep in big culverts. Maybe not noisey but could be dangerous during a rainstorm

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