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Spokane Bike show

Spokane Bike show

Big Ben standing looking at all the nice bikes




Nice. He buy any?? LOL.

NO; He wants a ATV for hunting. Ben was looking.

He could probably easily find a used one for way less money.

He's looking

He's a big boy!!!!!!!!!! I say nothing more here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and lots of bikes. Looks fun

Did he buy one of each

was going to buy one of each , but would run out of room in my shop, then have to built bigger shop, that cost more money, take away from my riding time, so decided not to buy any, and just look, but still looking for a used good condition ATV

Good choice Smiley-laughing

Phil Ben is BIG enough and pretty round tooo HE HE OH!! sSORRY BEN

Always nice to visit a show like that. There is a lot to see and it can help watching all the differences to make the right choise... or to make no choise at all, but just to see what's all new on the market...

Ben is in 'Biker' heaven.

Almost Topgun. Biker heaven is taking that dream bike home and riding non stop. Almost, 1 does need to eat and sleep

Scruffy, you calling me fat???, want you to know that's built in traction control :), and I'm still able to bet under that low rider truck of yours.

I just said round. It was a good bike show.

I'll stay out of this one, see no round, here no round, speak of no round. Then again if I had those ribs and roast like he smokes and cooks to eat all the time, I'd be way heavier than I am now and that wouldn't take much. Just putting my biking safety gear to ride adds a 1/4 of my weight.

Ben is a very good cook, Deb is pretty good also. . I have never passed up any food him and Deb have offered me.oink oink oink that be me eating at Ben's

Deborah is the cook, I just run the smoker.

I am the eater guy I have never gone hungry with you two around feeding me. Thanks again for a great time we had.

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