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spring is fighting to stay

spring is fighting to stay

It is a day by day view of whether spring is here or not.  Was overcast about 65 F, went for a 70 mile ride trying out my new perforated leather gloves.   Will post pic of them tomorrow.  Most of our trees and bushes have budded out or starting to bud.  Hopefully we don't get any heavy frost later killing the fruit trees budding or grapes, or pears, or apples.


Own Photo: 


Nice shot.

Hopefully soon. also I hope this doesn't mean a short summer for you guys :(

Nice setting for a photo of your bike

Same conditions here Randy. This week we will have 20+!!! degrees for the first time this year....

Sunshine is Coming - Soon ....Everything looks ready to enjoy it when it gets there ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Great pic. Our summer is battling to stay. The last day or two a bit cooler.

Nice pic. Maybe I can post one like that by July. Lol

LOL. By July the pics for me will probably be brown grass and me in sweat soaked clothes.

That is a bloody nice bike.....but I say that about all bikes.

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