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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung!

It's finally green around here..........except for the mountains


Own Photo: 




Spectacular Len, one up on Charlie. lol

It's gotta be the Valkyrie makes every shot look amazing

Poster photo!!

This is a happy shot!

Yep ... what Spratty said ... spectacular.

Wall paper for sure

Looks to be getting nice weather for the Ride for DAD. I hope it lasts for it. It was 87 deg today. Very nice for running around getting parts for the dump truck and 1 ton. I like my Stratoliner. It hauls tons of stuff.

I'm with Spratty on this one Len, your bike and Hildr are very photogenic.

Oh, boy! That is beautiful!

Len leave the snow on the mountain tops that what makes it look so nice. Nice pic of both.

Beautiful Photo Len !
Snow up in the moutains makes it even more crisp !
Lumix does the job ! Smiley-wink

Thanks guys! I'm very lucky to live here...although it would be better if winters were shorter

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