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Spring is here

Spring is here

Matt, Here's what I have to look at Smiley-laughing



Look at that.......nice shot and flowers, green grass, and a great bike...what dreams are made of tight there

Now, that’s better !!

Whow! That’s nearly the same as a tulip field! Great pic Val. Tommorow will be my first real riding day.

Your eye is good enough to go for a ride again! That’s also good news!!!

Valerie, you been taking lessons from Hildr? That's a pic he usually finds. Very good

Lovely shot Val.

Great shot Val.

How good is that!

Looks beautiful Val
Sping has definitely sprung in your part of the world

Great pic! The Bluebonnets are coming in great this year!

(For those who may be wondering, the Bluebonnet is the official flower of Texas.)

and here I thought it was the Yellow Rose. And of course Oregon's is the wildwood weed, LOL Yes your eye must be healed rather nicely for that pic to be taken

Thanks Charlie. Praise from the master means a lot

Randy, the eye has a way to go yet. I can see to read a book and the computer but my distance is blurry. When I ware my old glasses it makes me crazy cause of the close up vision so I took the left lens out of my glasses and now I can see close and to drive although my distance is a bit fuzzy It's not so bad as to be dangerous. On the 17th I have my next appt. and the doc said he will write me a script for new glasses then

Great picture Val. I was fortunate enough to experience the beauty of Bluebonnnnets in the Spring from 1981 through 1992 while living in Dallas. Since that time it has been Cherry Blossoms every spring. So far, no cherry blossoms blooming here yet. Snow is once again in the forecast for tomorrow night. Today was a sunny 63 degrees F and yes, I did take the opportunity to get my 2nd. ride in for 2018.

I nave never seen the cherry blossoms. but i would like to some day

Our national flower is snowballs right now!! LOL.

Just a bit more 'Sunshine' and That GRIN will be getting bigger Smiley-laughing Ride Safe - Cheers ...

Excellent photo, Valerie! Good eye. Wish the weather looked like that here!


Nice shot Val. Love your new ride. Enjoy.

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