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Spring Maintenance Done

Spring Maintenance Done

Well, wish me luck..... did all my own spring maintenance this year.. New timing belts, new spark plugs, fresh oil and just finished replacing the air filter... Good thing my wife has small hands and could reach in and find the clamp for the fuel line, or I might still be trying to figure that one out! Now, we just need some sustained “summer” weather!


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Well done ... more than I’d be willing (able!) to try

Good onya Len, a job done well is a job done well. Enjoy the riding season mate

Now go and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Well done.

Now go get it dirty and ride.. You know you are... Happy days.

Great to hear! I need to do the same stuff for Hildr the Valkyrie plus valve adjustments and carb sync. I've got all the parts, just need to make the time!

It's not often the bike comes back from a service all polished and shiny!
Well done on the maintenance gives you a real sense of long as there are no bits and bolts left over!!!

Maintenance and detailing done. Now go and enjoy.

You can do mine when you next come out Len.

Hope you can wait for a while, Al. (It’s not as daunting as you might think)

If it’s free, I’m waiting. Lol. Enjoy your riding Len.

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