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Spring Ride up the Mountains

Spring Ride up the Mountains

I went for a ride up to Charlottes Pass Mt Kosciuszko NSW today 25th October 2018 - Still a fair bit of snow up there but melting quickly enough - Fabulous Day for a Ride in the Hills ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ...




That looks great Frostbite, excellent backdrop for the bike portrait, nice day for a ride.

That’s a great ride ... I love the roads in that part of NSW

The scuttle but is that snow is coming our way.

Great shot mate!

Remarkable day for a ride and gorgeous backdrop there Frostbite.

That is very nice photo. Must have had a good ride getting there..

Great shot.


What is the elevation of Mt. Kosciuszko?

Not very high Charlie ... 2228 metres / 7310 feet

Peter that is the elevation we started at while on Pikes Peak.

Yep ... unreal ! That’s why I was so excited ;0))

Nice pic Greg,

Awesome pic Greg.

Thanks to you all - Yes it was a fantastic day for the ride - one of the best rides I have had for a long time - just the ideal conditions - doubt if it ever gets better than what it was that day ... Anyway you have all probably had days like it I'm sure - you know what I am talking about Smiley-laughing
The Snowy Mountains might not be high by world standards but it is as good as it gets here in OZ .... Can't get any higher in altitude unless Airborne .... it will just have to do us down under - but we love it and wouldn't trade it for anything else ....
Cheers All - Take Care & Ride Safe ...

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