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Springtime in Holland

Springtime in Holland

Finally, the weather changed. Beautiful sunshine today and 10 degrees, the first Springflowers are there. Time for my first ride this new season!


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Nice pic. Glad your weather has changed

Whoo hoo!!! Glad for you my friend. Great shot.

Wonderful picture!

Wild flowers are starting to pop up around here. The wild flower gurus are predicting a banner year here in Texas...hope to capture a few pics!

Don't hold your breath. I have seen Mother Nature tease many a time come spring. Just about the time you think it is here to stay, there is that last 1 or 2 duzzy of a storm. That is why you just enjoy the day for what it is and don't be disappointed if they don't stick around.

You're right Randy, weather can change again and we did have freezing temps and even snow in the past, much later in the season. It's even possible till the end of April, start of May. But, do know I'll enjoy this week, because it will be about the same weather the whole coming week! Somewhere between 10 and 14 degrees and most of the time dry, at least till next Saturday...

A very nicely composed photo Gert ... very nice

Fantastic picture Gert.
It good to see Big Red cleaming in the sunshine


just as long as winter is over by mid May when I get over there is all i ask.

Great shot of spring in bloom.

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