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The Start. For Gert.

The Start. For Gert.

Gert reminded I won’t forget my start. This is it. My 1963 Honda C100 Cub. 49 ccs of throbbing 4 stroke pushrod power. Three speed. An alleged top speed of 43mph.


Own Photo: 


Where was that photo taken Al?

In my backyard at the old family home in Portland NSW Tez.

Amazing power. A rocket ship on two wheels!

Did that make you one of the nicest people?

Edwin....I thought so every time I looked in the mirror or talked to myself........not sure what others thought.

Great that you have that photo Al. was chiselled in stone.....

1963! That’s even older as I am!

......just. Gert.

WOW!! you really are a biker dude.. In 63 I was on a step through Honda 50..much like yours.

In '63 I was in command of my first vessel. a 10' row boat.

You are a dinosaur Al. In '63, I was 10 years old. LOL.

Harsh Bill....and happy birthday for tomorrow.

OMG, I was only 7 and still didn't even have a bicycle yet. I did have a 1 horsepower pony though that got me places that your bike wouldn't have gotten. His top speed, maybe 20 mph if HE felt like it.

LOL Al. Thanks.

I was 2yo. Man you are old Al!

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