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Still 'Crusin'

Still 'Crusin'

I've been very busy lately, but yes I'm still kickin around. Smiley-laughing  Pictured with the DEA's Beechjet 400A.


Own Photo: 




The VTX is sure looking good

Great shot TG.

TG that is sick, awesome pic

Glad to see you again! Nice pic TG... everything oké?

Bike is looking great. Is it as fast as the jet? Lol.

Ah. Just love those classic Hondas! Beautiful!

The DEA has a jet???? Cool....

Of course the DEA has a number of jets, probably confiscated from a drug bust courtesy of the cartel.
Bike is looking better all the time.

Beautiful shot TG.

Thanks everyone, my aging "X" is still turning heads. Smiley-laughing

The VTX are great bikes for sure

Looks like the best of both worlds.
VTX is like fine wine. They just get better with age.

Absolutely Capt

The thing I like about a vtx is it's a classic timeless look. Great lines and when you dress it up like yours it'll never go out of style.

You said it Paintcan

Just when I thought that I had every chrome accessory available for my VTX, I discovered that there is now a chrome cover available for my chrome Wolo Bad Boy air horn. The cover will add some extra 'pop' to the look of the air horn without affecting the loudness of the horn. My chrome air horn cover is due to arrive on Monday. Smiley-laughing

Didn't know that and as my Bad Boy chrome is looking fairly worn it may be a good option to make it look new again without having to replace the entire horn

Spratty, the cover will be just what you need. I read the reviews and the only thing that I would suggest should you get one is to add some extra double-sided tape when you install it. The tape that comes on the cover has not been adequate in some cases. The cover is pricy, almost half the cost of the air-horn itself.

Maybe I'll just respray it with some chrome paint.

That's one sweet ride TG you think the DEA would approve a short flight. LOL nice ride TG you have definetly spent a few dollars on her.

Still one of my favourite bikes, and yours is a beautiful example of the VTX. Thanks for the photo, Will.

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