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still snow in higher elevations

still snow in higher elevations

Wayne knows all about this.  This is looking south.  The mountains near our local ski resort.  Crater Lake National park only got about half of their normal snow fall this year.  The road all the way around it is not open yet.  Usually doesn't open til the end of May.   This is by Applegate Lake about 30 miles from Medford.


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YUP!!! SNOWED from there too BEND. It wasn't to bad I was lucky to get behind a semi and tucked right behind him.

It has snowed every day in April here. It melts back off but the roads are paved with salt. It’s actually snowing right now lol. Erie PA needs 1” more to break the all time snow fall record in a winter. I think it’s 198”. This winter won’t give up in the northeast. I’m glad you can ride the bird though.

I'm so glad I don't live in South Dakota anymore and have to deal with snow. I like it here and when we lived in Boise, ID, snow in the mountains around us to go play in, but only once in a great while does it get to the valley floor.

One thing about it though - You guys are Heading into Riding Weather and We - Upside Downers - are Heading into Winter here ... Still it only affects the riders down in the South of the country and Dummies like me that live up in the mountains at altitude .... I still get out amongst it when the SUN is Shining ....
Great Photo too by the way .....
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

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