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Stopped for a Break

Stopped for a Break

Just some of the scenery here. We stopped for a bit of a break while on the way to Byron Bay


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Great shot Len. Looking forward to more pics

That is very pretty country up there!
Did you stop in Nimbin for some cookies?


Great pic! Beautiful

Very green.

Steve no cookies, at least not while riding anyway..

One of my fav spots for a stop.

Cool shot...

Hi Len (Dirky) -
Welcome to the 'Land Down Under' - Not sure of your itinerary but if you get down this way give me a shout and we can meet up for a coffee at least - I am in the middle of chopping the rear end of the VN900 Custom at the moment but hope to be back on the road in a week or so .... I will post some photos of my progress with the New Rear Fender Mod shortly for All to see ....
I am located right down the bottom of NSW in the Mountain region known as the Snowy Mountains (Not the Blue Mountains out of Sydney) I am 106k South of Canberra the National Capital ...
I hope that you have a Great Holiday out here - Take it Easy and Cruise some of the back roads into the Real Australia ....
Cheers, Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)

Hi Greg, unfortunately I won’t get that far south. I’m actually here on a work trip and spent the last two days out in the area of Roma and Miles. I have some meetings today (Thursday), then fly out tomorrow. Maybe next time, my friend.....

Len ... if you do come back and you make it to our nation’s capital, let me know and I’ll organise a ride or two around these parts.

Thanks Peter. It would be great to get together with more Australian CC guys. We’ll see if I get back down here after we do a business case assessment. We have at least one company who have expressed an interest in doing field trials with us, but we would probably send one of our field techs down to run the job.

too bloody cold in the ACT Len Qld much better....haha

For a Canadian, our weather would be positively balmy! Ranges from a high of 40+ at the height of summer to lows of about -5 (or so) in the depths of winter. All year ‘round riding really !

Drink some concrete and harden up Spratty !

Thanks for the info Len - I didn't realise it was a working stint ... As long as you got a few days of riding in - it's better than none ...
Cheers Mate - Take Care .. Safe Journeys ...
frostbite (Greg)

Boo hoo least we can ride all year round up here just saying....haha

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