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Subwoofer Remote Control

Subwoofer Remote Control

As if the Goldwing doesn't already have enough buttons and dials in the cockpit, I mounted the remote control to the subwoofer within easy access.



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TG, I'm guessing it's water proof?

Extra bass for your favorite Dr. Dre track?

See if you can rattle store windows.

Oh Lord

Allen, I doubt if it is waterproof, I don't recall ever riding my Goldwing in the rain so I never thought about being concerned with it getting wet. I have a rainsuit stored in the left saddlebag which has never been unfolded from its packaging. Smiley-laughing

Rattling store windows is no problem. When I crank up the volume while the bike is still in the garage, it vibrates my entire two-story brick house. Smiley-laughing

Ok sobyoubare one of those people who drive me crazy when I'm trying to sleep. Coming down the street with your music blasting

I ordered a pair of blue light blocking glasses so I'll be safe when looking at your bike and it won't bedazzle my brain keeping me awake.

Val, I'd never want to disturb your sleep. Your Sicilian pizzo is mounted on top of my luggage rack. Didn't you notice it in the photo? Smiley-laughing

I see that now. I missed it the firs time

WEll NOW you are the BOOMBOX Very cool,,, Just a thought won't this vibrate you off the wing..

LOL, When he gets off he will still be vibrating

That may be good or bad just saying.

No wonder you need a pilots license TG.

LOL, Wayne the boombox effect makes my Goldwing feel more like I'm riding a motorcycle instead of a golf cart. Smiley-laughing

Here's a silly question...where is the sub-woofer mounted?

Is it detachable? Every now and then you might need to wash it

Charlie, the subwoofer is in the trunk of my Goldwing. I didn't use the mounting bracket that came with it. Instead, I put three strips of velcro on the bottom to keep it in place. A pic is in my postings.

You have to be comfy while riding and getting that bass down low and loud. NOT so loud that the Wing starts to bounce. Golf carts need music too but they are a little slow even on fast.

Boom Lol Enjoy mate

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