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Summer Morning Ride

Summer Morning Ride

Here's my girl already for the Summer Morning Ride to work.
Temperatures here have been in the mid 40°C of a day & as high as 34°C in the morning.
Todays ride to work was a pleasant 24°C and the cool air felt fantastic as I rode into work.


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I can feel it !! Goodonya Matt!


I hope your getting plenty of ride time now your retired Peter

Very Purdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks good even in the early morning

As much as I want Matt !!

That bike looks good any time of day!

Your jaw must ache from smiling so much. LOL


How are you keeping the whitewalls so WHITE?

This girl certainly knows how to make me smile.

Randy I use a small amount of dishwahing liquid and a nylon scourer with a sponge on the back of it.

Looks nice Matt. 34c in the morning that's just crazy. been hot up here too, but that beats the Gold Coast temps, is it humid as well?

Matt, I use Spray'n'Wipe and a white cloth.

Spray n wipe works well, I tried some citrus based cleaner recently and it worked a treat.

And a white cloth......not coloured. It can bleach out and you end up with a '70's hippy tie died wall.

The humidity biggest problem

Tie-dye tyres sounds trippy

Gees Matt! That's the only time we get to see your bike. When you post a pic. Smiley-wink

Are you suggesting that he thinks his bike is too cool to ride with some "older" maybe not as cool bikes. Maybe he is dingo riding also when you others are out riding.

No Randy. For some reason Mr Walker is busy in his scull cave of a weekend. Smiley-laughing

The bike looks great as always. Enjoy the riding while we are jealous with pms

Not much ride time at the moment thats for sure

Nice ride Matt. Be careful in that heat.

Yeah Matt. You don't want a stroke....or maybe you having a stroke and that's reduced your ride time....

I said that before... I´ll say it again: I love Indian bikes... What a beauty!!!

Thanks Marek

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