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the sun finally after being gone for 10 days

Got a short ride in the other day.  Hopefully some footage for the Jan video contest.  Put something together tomorrow and Thursday.


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I was starting to break a sweat while sitting up the camera and getting the bike out of the garage for this, but by the time a got down the road several miles, I'm glad I had the warmer layers underneath. It was a brisk 48 F (9 C) and no wind which helped a lot.

It do get the blood pumping dont it

Kick back and soak it up Randy, better days to come I hope.

Good to see you sitting, relaxing and enjoying the sun Randy. Long ago I saw the sun and I don't mean here watching vids or pics but in real life! It's only dark and raining in Holland. I've to find another way to make a contest vid this month, I'll not go by bike because the weather is way too bad!

Nice pics!!!!

Nice Pics Randy ! Triumph lookin` Good ! Smiley-laughing

Good effort Randy ... !!

Looks like a a good day for a ride. Looking forward to seeing the video

I can hear the bike now, "Put the damn helmet on and lets get riding!"

Not quite Animal, Bird too was soaking up the sun the get warmed up before the zip down to Ashland on the interstate.

Whew, Interstate speed at 48 degrees, you're the man Randy.

Sun? What's that? LOL. Nice shots Randy.

Bill.... I think I can remember it was yellow and shiny and nice and warm...... Long ago isn't it?

Just need to wear the right clothing

Gert, I seem to have a vague memory of that. LOL.

A very short ride, you do not seem to have gotten out of the driveway.

I spent 14 days in the Portland area. Theirs sun?

Happy one having sun!

Looks good, Randy. If the last couple of years are any indication, we are about 6-7 weeks away from getting bikes out of storage here. (It will be longer for Bill!)

and why does Bill have to wait longer? Could it be those pesky mountains near by? Or is his Vodoo back firing on him?
Norman, I got a 300 km ride in between pics as we were like "The Flash"

It's been warm here the past few days and the little snow we had has gone down pretty good. It does look like another early spring here so far. Last year I was riding in April, a month earlier from the year before. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Yes Randy I believe you. You just wheeled the bike out, took 2 photos and then wheeled it back into the garage. If you had gone for a ride you would have had photos.

Bill lives several hours north of me Randy. He's about as far from me as you are from Sacramento - maybe even a bit further. Last year I was riding on March 5th. The mountains are actually closer to me than they are to him! If you go about 2 1/2 hours east of Calgary, they could be riding before the end of February! (ask Larry Prosser - he knows!)

I'll have to prove you wrong Norman if I can get my computers working. Have two laptops. All of my old vids and pics are on the old run but it has no room to run my Cyberlink Powerdirector which is on the new one. In the process of trying to get footage from the old one to the new one to make this month's contest vid.

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