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Sunday Group Ride

Sunday Group Ride

My brother and his wife rode to Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama with a group of friends including a Can-Am on yesterday.
They logged a total of 266 miles on his VTX1300 for the day.



Nice collection of bikes

That's a nice ride. Nice day riding with friends. Makes for a great day..

A nice day ride that was. Too bad I couldn't have been there.

Nice group of riders just right, nice collection of bikes.Looks like the weather was perfect too.

Looks like a top day for riding with friends.

Always good to see motorcyclists together and enjoying themselves .... is what it's all about ...
Ride Safe & Take Care ....

My brother put together this clip of the ride.

That was pretty good. Nice day too..He makes some good videos.

Yeah Scruffy, I was impressed with this little production also. My brother, Wayne, told me that he is looking for a way to have a larger selection of soundtracks. I like the way that he edited the dialogue and credits.

Nicely done !

Your brother has such a nice name.. Just rolls off your tongue.. WAYNE

Nice video from your brother TG.

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