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Sunday morning coffee ride

Sunday morning coffee ride

Perfect morning for an easy 160km round trip morning coffee ride . Just tezza and I this morning and it felt like we had the road all to ourselves, long weekend down under..


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It was a beautiful day for a ride. As Nobby said, we owned the road.


Weather was glorious down our way yesterday as well, came back from the South Coast and it was pleasantly quiet on the roads.

Where did you guys go. Was a perfect day yesterday, sorry i couldn't make it.

Isn’t that great. Empty roads and just two good friends going for a ride... enjoy!

You owned the road tezza , you were ride leader ..

It was nice Vardy , it was so quiet on the roads .

Hope you enjoyed the South coast dub , tezza and I enjoyed our solitude ride .

Hey Ray , down to Thirlmere for tart , pie and coffee . You would of loved it mate , no one on the road except for tezza and I.

Hey Gert , it was so nice , perfect weather and quiet on the road , very rare on Sydney roads .

I could've made but didn't want to hold you guys up too much.

Being a long weekend, I think most people went away for the weekend. Therefore not many on the road.
Al, you have to set up your KIK on your phone. You are in the group. I can text you your user name.

Glad you had a good ride.

We sure did Steve , I can't believe how quiet the roads were .

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