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Sunday ride

Sunday ride

The Cafe Racer crew gathered for a ride yesterday. 15 riders/bikes turned up. Great day for it. I rode my Norton - keptb up quite nicely considering it’s a 43 yo bike ... but it is running rough and I’m having trouble balancing the Amal carbs. Can’t keep up the idle ... stalls if I let the revs drop , backfires when I decelerate. Will keep at it!!



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Looks like a perfect day for you guys. I know you'll sort the Norton out.

Give it a longer run Vardy....Alexandra.

No thanks Al ... I actually want to make it there !! LOL. Tried to get the Sporty to Katoomba and only made it as far as Marulan ... and the Sporty is 13 years younger than the Norton.

Does look like a very nice day, how was the temp, hopefully a bit cooler than up here

Spratty ... reached about 25C but we made it a morning run so was a bit cooler

Nice line up. Weather looks good as well

Perfect temps

one line up I wouldn't mind being in. There is another one I hope I never am in.

Peter - I have just downloaded a fair bit of info on tuning Amal Carbs - as well as tune up tips & tricks and different jetting etc - I will pass them on to you a bit later ok .... Mostly PDF & Word docs ok ....
Cheers & Ride Safe -
PS - Great turnout by the way - is the first bike in the line up a DOHC Honda or a Suzuki - looks to be something like that - any other Brit bikes there ?

Great temps and a nice line up.

Thanks Greg ... please don’t go to a lot of trouble ... my next door neighbour was a motorcycle mechanic in his early working life and also the owner of a Norton Commando 750 Combat. He knows his way around Nortons and helps me out quite a bit.

There were other Brit bikes in the ride ... all Triumph Thruxtons of varying years. The rest were Hondas, Yamahas and a Kawasaki . The white bike in the foreground is an early ‘80s Suzuki ... 4 cyl 1100. A real flyer that one !!

.... and a Sportster done up as a Tracker !

What a fantastic looking line up, I bet there was some sweet sounding exhaust notes to be heard.

The Thruxtons would have been nice to see - well, they all would be nice to have a look at ... I like the guys that stuff different engines into the Norton Featherbed frames ... I have photos of Panhead, Sportster, Vincent, Triumph engines in predominantly the Wideline frames ... Some excellent work and designing gone into building them ...
I will be interested to see the Sporty when it is done ....
Cheers - Ride Safe ...

That is a great turn out. Very nice day for riding sure looks like great fun... Thanks... It was 19 F here this morning and 13 F tomorrow it's too dang cold to ride.

Not hearing any sound my my Rebel as Wayne notes, winter temps have come back this way. Below freezing in the am, thus no riding Rebel to work. 45 or so tomorrow thus probably for an errand run.

Perfect day for a huge group ride.

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