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Sunday Ride - Trentham 1

Sunday Ride - Trentham 1

I’m not sure how to post a series of photos in one post anymore, so I’ll post them separately here with the same blurb from our Sunday ride:

What a nice spontaneous ride to recharge the batteries before the week ahead. Trentham via the Marsh. Out to Trentham Falls, we never knew existed practically in our backyard! Lovely spot and great ride out there. On to Daylesford and fluke the Sunday Market on today at the Railway Station, which is even bigger than we remembered last time. Back to Trentham for scones and a cuppa, before riding home and avoiding the freeway for the most part.


Own Photo: 


Nice line up.
I wish we could park on the footpath up here.

It really is the best! I only survived Christmas shopping by doing it all on the bikes so we had no parking hassles, pull up to the front door and park on the footpath lol

It’s not officially allowed in Canberra but tolerated by the cops as long as the bikes aren’t parked in a haphazard manner and pedestrians impeded

Maybe we should try it here to see what happens.

It is always good to get out for a ride with some friends Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ...

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