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Sunday Ride - Trentham 2

Sunday Ride - Trentham 2

I’m not sure how to post a series of photos in one post anymore, so I’ll post them separately here with the same blurb from our Sunday ride:

What a nice spontaneous ride to recharge the batteries before the week ahead. Trentham via the Marsh. Out to Trentham Falls, we never knew existed practically in our backyard! Lovely spot and great ride out there. On to Daylesford and fluke the Sunday Market on today at the Railway Station, which is even bigger than we remembered last time. Back to Trentham for scones and a cuppa, before riding home and avoiding the freeway for the most part.


Own Photo: 


Very colourful helmet Dim!

My Arai! A bit girly but it’s grown on me. Best fitting helmet I’ve ever owned.

Still no Scout Dim !!

Vardy I know! I’m saving! I’ve already picked out mods for my future Scout lol...

I rode a Scout in the USA for 3 days - it was awesome!!!

I'm keen to know what mods you have in mind Dim.
I kept my Boulevard. Are you keeping Twinkle?

Tezza, yes I’m keeping Twinkle, we have more than 12 years, 100,000km, and many customizations to get her fitting me perfectly. She’s like an extension of me when I ride, effortless!! Partly why no Scout yet, or I’d have already swapped if that was the plan.

For the Scout, things may change obviously, but having ridden one in the USA for around 400 miles (city, desert, mountains, coastline and freeway) I got a good feel for what I would want to change for comfort, then there’s looks too!

I don’t think I can live with that seat, I haven’t picked one yet but it’s on the shopping list. Highway bars (crash bars), saddlebags with Ezy Brackets, suspension, maybe mid controls, otherwise floorboards, different bars, I like the ergonomics of apes (but I’m not building a Twinkle replica), definitely pipes, there’s one or two I really have my eye on, maybe small screen (but removable) or bullet fairing, maybe grips I’m such a fan of my after market PM grips which are small radius and perfect for my hands, luggage rack replacing pillion seat, sissy bar maybe cos that was so great on the hired bike I had, and definitely paint - eventually - as none of the stock colours really grab me (or the ones that do are only the 60 or Bobber and I’m not buying one of those). Keeping in mind this will become my long distance riding bike to take on the kays so I can retire Twinkle to local riding...

I’m sure there’s more but that’s a start!! Now you see why I’m ‘saving’? Hahaha only a few are “must haves” and the rest will evolve over time (like Twinkle did) but I’m not willing to over-pay considering all the bits I want to change.

You can give me a few pointers I’m sure Smiley-laughing

I’m sorry but you asked Tezza!!!

I was a bit worried that keeping Twinkle would be excessive if I buy a Scout, that I might not ever ride it, and it would be silly to keep 2. But after riding the Scout a few days, what I realized is that I loved it, and it was a very different ride, but rather than becoming obsessed and single minded about the Scout only, it also made me really appreciate how simple but perfect Twinkle is for me, how easy she is, effortless, and that riding each bike is such a contrast one could never overshadow the other. So I’m comfortable I’d love having both, and would love riding them both too. I’m finally “getting” this MBS!

That’s the argument all us MBS sufferers use!

Dim, I kept my Boulevard for long distance riding like Wild Hogs. It is set up nicely for luggage etc. and it's a nice comfortable ride. Unfortunately the Scout is not good for long distance. As you mentioned, the seat is nowhere near the Mustang seats I've had on my Boulevards. The suspension is lousy although I put 2018 Bobber shocks on the rear which helps. I purchase with reduced reach bars but finally changed them to a similar feel to my Boulevard.
I installed Beach Bars and the comfort is awesome. No more sore wrists.
I'm hoping to do the Broken Hill Indian Challenge next year so I'll have to have the Scout prepared.

I'll do a walk around video of my Scout so you can see what mods I've done. (I'm a bling/mod addict).
PS. Because I ride the Boulevard less than 4k klms a year, I got my insurance reduced by half.

Peter, with only two bikes I only have mild MBS. Not like some members who have severe MBS. Smiley-wink

I’ve crossed the line Terry ... and there’s no going back !!

I think it maybe contagious.

Twinkle has quite a custom paint job. Bet's 650 classic is still in factory black and I don't think she wants to change it. I might get her to have it pin striped.

Your bike looks very well kept ....
Ride Safe ...

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