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Sunset ride

Sunset ride

Been away for 2 weeks in Perth WA. First visit to the west coast and I must say it is very beautiful. Just wish I had my bike with me.

So just had to get out for a ride today. Morning ride on the Tiger and a late afternoon evening ride on the Vulcan. Perfect temps.


Own Photo: 


I've always wondered when people have two bikes how do they decide which one to ride when

great pic by the way

Nice pic Spratty

Valerie, it is easy for me, the Rebel is the short distance and the Bird is long distance. Bird went for 70 mile ride up to Applegate Lake and back yesterday.
A nice pic of the bike and background. What is the vegetation that is so tall?

That is a beautiful bike, Dave! Maybe we'll get another chance to ride in June. What's the weather typically like then? (early to mid-June?)

Love that bike.

Randy, its sugar cane. Lots of it down in Murwillumbah.

In the background is Mt Warning

Len its the best time of the year in my opinion. May to September is perfect can be a little cool but otherwise very nice

Val the desicion was made a little easier in the morning as the Vulcan battery was dead. But got it sorted for an afternoon ride.

I love the different ride feeling each bike gives me

Sweet photo mate!

Lucky you Dave, Hope you had a great holiday. Now back to normal the Comm Games finished. Nice clean sweep of the medals too. Nice pic mate perfect sunset ride.

Yes been back at work 4hrs and doesn't even feel I've been away. F#&$#*

Nice photo.. Good to ride before going back to WORK.

Very nice ‘sunset ride’ photo.

Btw Spratty ... how “cool” does it actually get in winter in your neck of the woods ??

Where I am days about 18-24 evenings can get down to single digits. However out in Numinbah Valley can get down to 0°and below in some places.

I remeber riding through Numinbah Valley one winters night and I was that cold that my hands cramped up and found it really difficult to operate the levers. I was caught unware and not dressed for the cold

Winter days here IF we see the SUN and get into double figures it is a GOOD DAY ..... I hate days of 1 or 2 degrees with howling wind and horizontal snow belting the windows ..... Sheeeesh !!! I wish I could hibernate like a Bear ...
Cheers - Enjoy your Autumn Rides up there Spratty
Ride Safe ...

Cool shot Spratty, your Nomad looks "Boss".

Val, the problem of deciding is easy with two.....but when I had 6, it was often....”This has fuel in the tank” lol.

Al, I gather on day 7 it was riding all 6 in one day, each one to the gas station to fill up. LOL

That’s it! And both cars. Drove the console operator mad. Each time I went to pump was like groundhog day for her.

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