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Surprise birthday present for my wife!

Surprise birthday present for my wife!

She doesn't know it yet (the day isn't til next month), but my wife will finally have her own bike to start riding on her own, not just behind me...
Right now, it's still in my shop in Oklahoma, but I'll get it to Georgia somehow!  I know the pic isn't very good, but I promise I'll get better shots (with her on it!) once I get it here. Until she gains confidence, she's intimidated by almost anything (I brought a Suzuki C50 by, which she described as "huge"!) and we've "tried on" a Rebel at a local shop, & she's comfortable on it (she's a petite thing, 105 lbs). Can't wait to tell her she has a bike!  It's far from new, but has VERY few miles on it. We're gonna change that! YIAH!


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WOW nice gift!!!

very nice I hope she enjoys it. It will be nice having a riding partner

Happy wife, happy life. I bought my wife a Shadow 600 for her birthday several years ago. She loved it when it freaked out her male co-workers. ROTFL. Wait until she takes my sidecar rig with the life size Ghost Rider in the car to work.

What a great gift and... I'm sure a big surprise! Not a bad pic at all, we can all see the nice looks of that bike... Can't wait to see her first ride experiences with, I'm sure... a big smile from ear to ear!!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Great Stuff and nice Bike Alex !
That is a Very Cool gift ! Smiley-laughing
Well Done !

Way to go Alex. That'll get you some brownie points, for sure. I'm sure she'll love it

Very cool birthday gift. I'm sure she'll love it.

She'll have fun zipping around town on it gaining experience. It needs a trunk on it so she can using it for small shopping errands like I do. Also put the lunch box in it when I ride to work and that is where the helmet stays while I'm at work.

What an awesome surprise. You'll be number 1 now Alex.

Awesome birthday gift for your wife Alex. My brother's wife has had her Rebel 250 for a couple of years now and absolutely loves it.

If she doesn't love it, you, and the future, trade her in. She needs to get out more. You are a top bloke getting her a ride like that. She will love it.

She'll love it!

Beautiful bike. Great choice

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