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A surprise from Scruffy!

A surprise from Scruffy!

When I got home on Friday there was a parcel from Wayne @ Washington state. 
A cool tin picture and a thumbdrive with the videos and photos from our trip to USA in June/July this year, along with some other trips Wayne has done.
Thanks mate! The sign is already has pride of place in the shed next to our Route 66 sign we picked up on our trip. See other photos.
I will download the files, load up our footage of the trip and send it back with some other goodies. Smiley-laughing





That's cool Steve. Way to go Wayne

Very cool.

Excellent memento! Well done guys. Next time you're coming to North America, I'm going to have to try to travel south. I love riding in the USA. Lots of great roads and friendly people.

Wayne is so nice

Len you need to make plans for Ereka Springs AR June 25th-28th except Steve we will have Peter from Aus

I second that

I'll third that

4th it. I'll even give up my room for you Capt and Betsy. If it takes another Rebel to get her to come, I can trailer my Rebel, ride it there, and even sleep in the Rebel trailer.

Cool ...Glad you finally got it.

Cool Steve! I got a similar one last week too.

Very Cool ! Smiley-laughing
Good onya Both !

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