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Surrounded By Indians

Surrounded By Indians

Have my Scout in for service today and waiting for it to be finished. Sitting back relaxing and thinking of things to put on my bling wish list. Also wondering which bike to add to my collection when I win the lottery.



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That looks like a dangerous place to be.

When you do win. I recommend a Roadmaster with the 116 engine and stage 3 everything. In sport mode it goes like a bat out of hell.
I road one of there demos.

Is Steve. There's heaps of new bling.

Capt. I might check a few of them out.

$80 million on Powerball tonight ... will buy a lot of bikes .. and a big Man Cave to store them in!

Here in the states Indian has two demo trucks that run thought out the country. They stop at the dealers. See if they do that there. Its a good opportunity to ride every thing they have.

Not good Tezza going to those places. Maybe after next Thursday 110 m Powerball you can buy the store.

That would be nice Ray.

Bling, bling and MORE bling.

Some Fine Redskins in there .... How is the New Seat Terry ? Much Better than stock ?
Catch up again one day (or more) later in the year I hope ...
Cheers mate - Ride Safe ...
Greg ...

Greg, since I installed the new seat, I haven't needed to use my highway pegs.
That's 3 of my bikes I've added Mustang seats and I'm impressed with the riding comfort.
I do hope we can catch up again.

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