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A Suspects Birthday

A Suspects Birthday

Well Mike it's the 28th here in Australia so Happy Birthday from the rest of your Suspect Brothers, (Sorry Al ... ChiliB) couldnt make the photo shoot but he is in the picture in Spitrit ......



Own Photo: 


Thanks guys but here in the states I still have one more day to be sweet and innocent. LMAO

Warning warning !!!!!
please don't let you children see that photo it will give them nightmares for years
it will give them

Dan, couldn't you find a tie that fits Bill? He's the only "undressed" on this pic!!! LOL

Happy birthday tomorrow, here in Holland within an hour!

Gert im not so sure looking closely at Bill's lady like hand then the chest area it looks like he has some "girly bits" or he has some great man boobs

BTW happy Birthday Mike

"Wasn't that a party". Nice pic Dan. Mike I'll say it again tomorrow Happy Birthday brother!

Well you should all know Bill is our Bit ..... I mean Girl

Happy birthday bfam. Try and have 1 drink mike,after all it is fluid. Hope you have the best day ever and enjoyed talking to you on the phone yesterday although the conection was not a good one i think it was my phone.
Keep well my friend.

Happy Birthday Mike. What a party that was. LOL.

Bring on the clowns?

Al the clowns are all there! lol.

I just couldn't see their big SHOES! Lol

Mai be great one

Happy birthday Dozer...very suspect party!

Happy birthday brother and with all these clowns it will be one hell of a party!

Happy birthday brother, hope u have good one
This Picture was taken just before police and dog squad arrived
We were actually auditioning the new tarrantino blockbuster , Resoivoir dogs meets the Usual u can tell, its gunna be a musical

Al has sent me a picture to put up for him of his little celebration for your big day

 photo secure_load_image_zpsc532f698.jpg

Al still in mexico??
Thought that black op was over and he was on his way to cypress

Apparently Al didn't get the memo about the dress code.................... Mexico, Cypress, Honduras.....He's still out of uniform!!

Almost looks like dirty harry in a mexican hat.

Happy birthday Dozer wishing you a great day and many more to come...

OK Mike its 5:30 am on the 28th so official US date so
Happy birthday again brother!
Hope you have a great day!


Yes Mike Happy Birthday Brother, Many Happy Returns

Its now officially yr birthday brother
Happy birthday hope u have a good one

Happy birthday bro.
Drink up.

Happy Birthday again Mike. Have a Great one mate!!! Cheers.

Happy Birthday Dozer and Have a great day

My eyes cracked when I looked at this photo, Thanks Dan, another Dr's bill on the horizon!

It's official Mike, Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great birthday Mike. Great collection of bobble heads.

Thanks everyone's for the best wishes.

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