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SUV needed something

SUV needed something

It's cold and I was bored. What can I say. Think I need to hide the paint LOL



You will be able to get some side $$$ whit your art work. Very nice little flower..

Maybe someday Wayne. But I'm afraid to do someones stuff. What if I messed up!!!???

Just need a little thinner and have a clean canvas.. Don't tell them you messed up most will never know.

Looks good!

Thanks Charlie

If it ever warms up we need to ride

That’s a great job Valerie !

That's great artwork Val.

How is that possible.... you, and nothing to do?

It happens Gert. Not often but it does happen

Yes Val, we do!

Not quite the YELLOW rose of Texas, but a rose nonetheless. Great job.

Yellow would not look so good on Red.

It would look like a big bird turd

LOL and we can't have that on a bike especially if it is a Bird to start with, that is worse yet.

A little touch of sparkling grey and some fresh green would finish the rose on a fabuleus way Val... but it can wait till the next time you don’t know what to do!!! LOL

That's what happens when you get bored, lol. Looks good

Love it Valerie looking very professional.


Well done Val. That rose is your trademark for sure!!

Very nice work Val. Watch some of these old guys, they’ll be asking you to do tattoos next.

Oh trust me when I have a needle in my hand I'm askin someone to drop um...... LOL

In the old days that may not necessarily be true and now only at certain times since hospitals should be using a needless system as much as possible.

I don't work in a Hospital remember. Hell my facility is so far behind the times we only do part of our charting on computer

Sounds like the stone ages, but then again with all of our niceties, it seems like we are in the stone ages with shortages of common antibiotics, saline, and dextrose. Find a way to package that ocean salt water for IV use and you'll be rich.

Easy Randy ... just stick a hose in the ocean and suck ! Just like siphoning petrol .... sorry , gasoline !!

Put your thumb in the dyke, let the ocean where it is and keep your feed dry! LOL

Unfortunately the salt water they infuse into your veins while you are in the hospital has to be sterile. That is the part that causes the problems.

So boil it
Don't they teach you how to improvise
Like the time a chest tube.sprung a leak. I duct tape it till help arrived

You could have done that to me but you just let me ride off into the sun set. The drugs were good.

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