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Tach 'Beacon' Light Resolved !

Tach 'Beacon' Light Resolved !

I recently installed a pic of the Barons Mini Tach I great ...everything is fine - except for the DAMN LIGHT! It was so bright and distracting at night - and with the shield on, well fuhgeddaboudit !! The light reflected off the shield like a light sabre which made it not only difficult, but dangerous, to ride at night...after a lot thought, I had 2 options 1.) run an inline resistor off the coil 'light' wire, or 2.) change out the lightbar switch - which is what I did...(or actually 3.) I could have used a reostat or pot, but I could not find any spot to place it so it looked like a factory fit). I changed the light bar on-off spdt mini switch out for a dpdt mini (double pole double throw) meaning I had 2 switches in one - The switch is actually on-off-on - I wired it so the light bar is 'on' in the top or bottom position with the centre position as off;  for the Tach light, I added 2 @ 560ohm resistors across the outside poles of the switch (I didn't have a 1k resistor), so on the 2nd part of the switch, I have On dim-Off-On bright (keeping the brightness for dusk riding and a little bit of a blue light effect) - I ran the wiring through the harness, headlight and inside the light bar so no wires are showing - nice and you can see in the pic, the light is now about as bright as the speedometer - now if I can only get blue lights for that?..hmmm



Great job mate!

Good job.

Well done Gordo.

Nice bit of work. Next?

Thanks for the comments

Edwin: any way I can change the speedo lights to blue?

Thanks Edwin ... I've been trying source T 10 24 wedge up here, looks like I can only get them online...I may try the site you gave me.

LOL...$14.00 shipping to Canada for a $2.50 bulb

You could do what we did in the 60's. We painted the bulbs with finger nail paint. The paint does not burn off and you can get any color you want.

Yeah, Wayne. If you painted your tail light bullbs candy blue you were super cool with that purple glow until you got pulled. "But Officer, it was like that when I bought the car."

NO BLUE the Troupers and city cops really don't like that. They don't even have a sense of humor about Blue dot tail lights here. Even if your in a car show the city cops will give you a 75.00 ticket. Most don't come to the car show here intown any more.

Hi Edwin ... I found this from drag specialties 12v .5 (1/2?) watt ...I don't know anything about these - it's supposed to be for gauges... I converted it ... 12v 1/2 watt = 15 lumens (I believe it's the lumens that count) ...other sites mention T10 which I believe is the actual bulb height ...then there is 194?, and T6.5 - the ebay site you sent me. I believe the bulb (as per the video) is a wedge type? Now I'm confused.
Here's the site I found ... education would be helpful Smiley-laughing

I think you will find that T10 is width of the wedge base = 10mm.
T6.5 are the tiny wedge base globes.

What I found was this ..."The number after the 'T' (in a glass bulb) is the diameter of the glass in 1/8 inch increments. A T4 bulb, for example, has a diameter of 4/8 or 1/2 inch". Therefore 6.5 x 1/8 or 6.5 1/8's = .825 or about 13/16"...According to the manual Edwin provided, the speedo takes T6.5's however 1.4w and has 2 - left and right side.. According to the other site Edwin sent me, the part number from Superbright LED's is 74-AHP3 ..there is a testimonial and picture at the bottom of the web page showing the lights in a speedo of a V Star 1100...Edwin, you have pulled off your wizardry once again ! Thanks ... Superbright is probably the only site I am going to actually source these (searched the web), so if I want the swap out, I'll have to take the plunge for the shipping.

ooops... correction, they are 1.7w not 1.4w... 1.4 watt are the high beam and bottom 4 indicator lights

Would you believe?
1988 Ferrari Testarossa Interior LED Lights
74 - Ash Trays (Amber) - 74-AHP3 [2] - $ 3.49
81 - Hazard Light Switch Center Consul (Red) - 74-RHP3 [1] - $ 3.49
83 - Parking Light Switch Center Consul (Green) - 74-GHP3 [1] - $ 3.49
85 - Cigarette Lighter Lamp Center Consul (Amber)- 74-AHP3 [1] - $ 3.49
96 - Push Button unit for A.C. System 1.2W Center Consul (Green) - 74-WHP3 [1] - $ 3.49
100 - Light for Tunnel (Red) - 74-RHP3 [2] - $ 3.49
ROTFLMAO! time I'm 'test driving' a $120,000.00 Testarossa maybe Ill borrow the ashtray bulbs...hell nobody smokes anymore anyway !

Knew a guy who was the parts man at Otto Zipper's Garage in Santa Monica. Mr. Zipper owned the Ferrari, Alfa Romeo,
Rolls etc. dealerships in L.A. I worked a few blocks away.
He would take a few cars out for "test drives". (Loud Maniacal Laughter)
The S.M.P.D. asked him if we, I mean he would kindly stop.

lol...too funny...must have been a blast going for a drive in one of those cars though !

Nice job Gordo.

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