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taken on my way to Dubois, WY

taken on my way to Dubois, WY

I was God's own drunk and a fearless man
And that's when I first saw the bear
He was a Kodiak lookin' fella 'bout nineteen feet tall
He rambled up over the hill
Expectin' me to do one of two things,
Flip or fly, I didn't do either one
It hung him up.   
Well if I had been drinking and had some whiskey with me I would have offered him some, but since I wasn't and didn't have any, I figured I better not get too much closer to get a pick.  Yes it looks like a big brown boulder, but trust me, he/she was a grizzly.  And since they can move like a track sprinter, I figured I better not push my luck as I was about 100feet from the bike to take this pic.  I didn't want to become a toothpic.


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So cool. I have never seen any bear except a black bear and they are for the most part harmless. I am told that to grizzlies people are just slow meals

Good pic. I've never seen a grizzle in person, either. I sure don't want to be any bears meal of any kind

Way cool!


They look slow but they can run up to 35-40 mph and doesn't take much time to get to that speed. Let's just say the fastest human on earth can NOT outrun them

Your just a snack for a grizzley

snack hell, I'm just a toothpic to clean his teeth with after he eats one of you. As they say, you only need to be faster than your buddy., just a reminder why I didn't try for a better picture

Just as well

Nice Rock

Yes Drew, now listen to this and see if you think the same, I don't think I want to mistake it for a big brown rock.

We had a bear walk into camp at Philmont. Apparently, They don't care to be serenaded by banging pots and pans with loud yelling and left. Where was I during all of this ? In the out house enjoying the wilderness wondering what in the hell is wrong with those boys !

Just a good thing you didn't have any food with you Capt or otherwise he would have probably tried to join and if wouldn't have to been to prove that bears shit in the woods.

For the most part. They shit wherever they want !!

So cool Randy! I went thru Wy last summer, and saw a grizzly as we rode by near Cody. It was probably 40 yards orso off the road. It was looking straight at us, so I figured it best if we just kept rolling! We have plenty of Black bear here in West Virginia, but that was my first sighting of a Grizzly!

Awesome. Lucky you are !

Yes Tee at that distant he could have been on you in about 10 secs.

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