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taken by one of the local bikers here in Medford


Ya rub it in...I spent most of the day shoveling snow TWICE! Its gonna get worse up here as were forecasted for up to 2 weeks of snow every day now. Crazy times we live in.....

Todd, it hasn't snowed here yet. But last weekend was darn cold.

Randy, Looks like a great road to ride !

Yeah, I hope that forecast is wrong, but so far it isn't. SNOW,SNOW and more SNOW!! ARGH!!!!!

Hasn't snowed here in 15 years...near 80˚F (26˚C) today. Rode Hildr most of the day running errands and such.

Rode the Rebel from the shed to the garage and back, about 300 feet. It was drizzling. I made new engine guard covers to get ready to ride to work this coming Wednesday. All set for winter riding. Have my battery heated gloves, rain boots, rain jacket and pants. Bought a new visor that is not scratched. All ready. Tomorrow is to be sunny and 50 F, will have to ride around town. Would take the Bird out but won't be able for the next 2-3 months while they figure out what is going on with the tight valve.

That’s a great shot!

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