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Tassie Trip well 2019 under way

Tassie Trip well 2019 under way

Boarded the Spirit of Tasmania on Saturday night for a 10 day jaunt around the fabulous apple isle.

Posting most of my photos on Instagram, can follow me @ spad562 on Instagram.


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Safe travels mate!
Did you get a cabin?

Have a great time and stay safe. Hope the crossing was calm.

That looks like a great way to travel, Dave..... much better than flying!

Safe travels mate,

Yeah twin cabin, too bloody old to sleep in those chairs.

It was about a 2mtr swell so rocked me off to sleep nicely

When I visited Sweden by bike I had also the choice between a cabin and chairs to spend the night. I also took a cabin and I was happy I did same way you do now Spratty! Enjoy the trip!

Thanks Gert, best way to do it so you arrive fresh for the days ride.

Were all getting to old to ride coach over night. Getting a cabin is the only way to go. this includes overnight trains too.

Happy travels Spratty

Watch out for those Tasmanian Devils!

 photo 442px-Taz-Looney_Tunes_zps7pl7ozdo.png

Too true Capt. Thanks Matt. Just about on the brink of extinction Charlie, they are afflicted by face tumors, bit I believe they are getting on top of it and may have a cure

Great pics on IG Spratty!


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